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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) identifying the need for Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) of Law Enforcement type, such as MOKAS, to have an enhanced case and document management capability in their tool set, decided to introduce a new module in goAML with additional features. As a consequence, a new system will be developed named goAML Professional Edition (goAML PE), that will allow FIUs to have features of goAML and goCASE and in addition some other features including data importing, enhanced workflow engines and enhanced case and document management. The development is expected to be finalized by May 2014.

In view of the above, MOKAS considers that it would be more beneficial to acquire and install goAML PE instead of goAML and goCASE. The fact that there will be one system communicating with only one database will enable the whole structure to be more efficient and stable. It would be also more user friendly for the members of MOKAS that will use it on a daily basis at no additional cost. The cost of goAML PE would be the same as the cost of goAML and goCASE together including annual support.

The Norwegian Financial Mechanism has concurred with the above change.



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