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Unit for Combating Money Laundering (MOKAS)

Internal Co-operation

MOKAS strongly supports international co-operation and to this end priority is given to requests for legal assistance submitted from foreign authorities, through formal rogatory letters and with the exchange of information with the counterparts of other countries. Formal rogatory letters are received by the Unit via the Ministry of Justice and Public Order.

The Unit co-operates with foreign counterpart Units and can exchange information with any type of foreign Units, (judicial, police, administrative). The Cyprus FIU signed Memoranda of Understanding with the counterparts of the following countries:

Belgium, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Israel, Ireland, Malta, Georgia, Australia, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria, Canada, Russian Federation, Moldova, South Africa, USA, Romania, Chile, Netherlands Antilles, Korea, Syria, Aruba, Serbia.

Moreover, there is a specific provision in the Law, which enables MOKAS to co-operate with foreign counterparts without the need of a Memorandum of Understanding.


MOKAS, as a law enforcement authority, cooperates and exchanges information with the International Police (INTERPOL) and the European Police (EUROPOL) through their local office which is based at the Police Headquarters in Nicosia.

During investigations, the Unit may exchange information via the following channels:

· FIU.NET – It is a network developed by E:U. which is used by E.U. FIUs for the purpose of information exchange.

· Egmont Secure Web – It is a network for information exchange than can be used by any country around the world which has an FIU member of Egmont Secure Web. There are 121 regognised FIUs around the globe until today.

· A.R.O. (Asset Recovery Office) – It is a network for communication of the Asset Recovery Offices of E.U. member states. The Council of Ministers has appointed MOKAS as the Cyprus Asset Recovery Office.



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