During a meeting that took place today at the Law Office, the Attorney General of the Republic, Mr George Savvides, has expressed to the European Chief Prosecutor, Ms Laura Kövesi, both his and the Deputy Attorney General’s continuous and full support of the work of the newly established European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), so that EPPO will perform its important tasks successfully.

The Attorney General mentioned that “the Republic of Cyprus has always been a great supporter of the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and has chosen to voluntarily participate in EPPO, whose aim is to deal with criminal offences affecting the financial interests of the Union”.

The European Chief Prosecutor thanked the Attorney General for his support and for his cooperation in tackling the administrative issues related to the operation of EPPO’s office in Cyprus.

During the meeting, further views were exchanged regarding EPPO’s work, since the institution became fully operational on June 1, 2021. In addition, further issues were clarified in relation to the application of EU law and national law regarding the criminal prosecutions conducted by the European Delegated Prosecutors in Cyprus, on behalf of EPPO.

EPPO is an independent prosecution office of the European Union, with the competence to investigate, prosecute and bring to justice crimes against the EU budget. The Republic of Cyprus has participated on the basis of the enhanced cooperation, which can be established among a number of member states, on the initiative to establish EPPO with 21 other member states. On July 2020, when the Council of the EU, appointed the European Prosecutors, Ms Katerina Loizou, Counsel A’ of the Republic was appointed as the first European Prosecutor. The European Prosecutors supervise the investigations and prosecutions and they form part of the College of EPPO. The first two Cypriot European Delegated Prosecutors, who are also legal officers of the Law Office, have been appointed by the College of EPPO in May 2021 to conduct EPPO’s main work in Cyprus, on behalf of EPPO. They perform their duties from the premises of the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus. In accordance with the agreement reached between the Law Office and EPPO regarding the appointment of the first Cypriot European Delegated Prosecutors, one of the two Cypriot legal officers has been serving as a full time European Delegated Prosecutor since June 1, 2021 and the second will be providing her services when it is deemed necessary.

8 November 2021

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