1. The Income and Expenses Section was established by the Attorney General of the Republic on the 17th of June 2021. This Section is headed by the Senior Counsellor of the Republic, Mr. Andreas Christoforou.

2. The Section was established in accordance with the Law on Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Control of the Republic, Law 38(1)/2014, as amended. In addition, the Section deals with cases assigned by the Attorney General of the Republic to private lawyers.

3. The Section has, among others, the following responsibilities:

a) The collection of legal expenses awarded in favour of the Republic in Civil, Criminal, Administrative or other types of cases.

b) The control and management of all legal fees that must be paid by the Attorney General’s Office.

c) The collection of the awarded amounts when the Republic is the creditor.

d) The supervision of cases that have been given to lawyers in the private sector.

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