The International Law Section of the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus deals with matters within the competence of the Attorney General of the Republic of Cyprus, who acts as the legal adviser of the Republic on international law, as well as the Agent of the Republic in legal proceedings before international courts and tribunals. The Section is comprised of counsel of the Law Office who are specialised in international law and its various branches.

The Section is headed by Ms Mary-Ann Stavrinides, Attorney of the Republic.

The International Law Section engages with all branches of public international law, such as, but not limited to, Treaty Law, Human Rights Law (in conjunction with violations following the Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation), Diplomatic Law, State Immunity Law and Immunity of International Organisations, the Law of the Sea, International Humanitarian Law and others. In this regard, it provides legal advice and guidance to the Government in relation to a broad spectrum of International Law issues. . Examples include the participation of the Republic of Cyprus in the United Nations and other international organisations and fora, the conclusion of international treaties between the Republic of Cyprus and other States and, more generally, the collaboration of Cyprus with other States, the legal analysis and assessment of the possibility of taking legal action before international judicial or arbitral organs and the representation of the Republic before those, as well as more specialised legal matters which touch upon aspects of the Cyprus problem and matters that arise from violations of Cyprus’ sovereignty and sovereign rights on land, airspace and at sea.

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